Saturday, March 28, 2009

Vids are up. parts 1-2-3

Here's the vids you've been waiting for. Pretty good from what I see. Watch the whole thing. Part 3 i got some good footwork in the middle. lol


CJisdacoolest said...

thats the way to do.. that enzok dude is pretty good but he's too repetitive. nice combos with mchang lol. i was cracking up hard. i'm glad there is no beef anymore because i'm the juggernaut. someone would get scraped up hard

Say Pleats said...

I wanted to watch the whole video but had to turn down the volume. Kinda annoying to try to watch the video with sound when a girl is screaming most of the video. It's a battle not a cheerleading contest. Was that harsh. My bad. Hahaha

PS let's go to couple of battles when you come down again. xo

anthony lo said...

i dont believe in draws.

Diane said...

neither do i, antoe. neither do i.

draws suck.