Monday, March 30, 2009

Uncle Chin wants to give me a tattoo.

Yes. Joe aka Uncle Chin from JustKiddingFilms wants to give me a FREE tattoo. Him and I discussed this over Myspace and he's assured me that his parter with 14 years tattooing experience will be by his side guiding him and taking over the hard parts. So it's all good. I guess he's learning how to do ink work. His vid on Youtube looks pretty decent so I'm pretty sure about this.

Now, I need suggestions on what tattoo I should get. Some input would be nice. I'm thinking a Kingdom Hearts "Heartless" logo over my left peck. Ya?


CJisdacoolest said...

get "i'm the lion, YOU'RE DEAD!!!"

arlynne. said...

lol. what shop is this? come with me and jonjon!