Thursday, March 26, 2009

Optimus Crew vs. STE7EN/Chang/Lance

Honestly, it was a great battle. They had their consistency and technicality. We had our blow ups and crowd pleasers. In the end, we called it a draw. No more beef. We're all on good terms now. No more of this shit talking. I got respect for Optimus Crew. Too bad Mikey Monsters leg was hurt. Lance took his place. But its all in good taste.
The video will be up soon.

However, I felt I didn't do so well in the battle. I was expecting it to be in the cafeteria on good floors so i can do some bboy power n shit. But gotta do what you gotta do where you gotta do. I did alright. I learned my lesson: Dont battle in high top dunk SB's. Lol. But all in all, it twas a great battle. Thanks to Michael Chang and Lance for steppin up with me. And remember, It was a draw. Nuff said.

And sorry to the guy who I almost fought. Hot sun + shit talking + tired = crazy.


anthony lo said...

draws are wack.

Diane said...

i effing agree. wtf!

renabobena speaks. said...

yup, i agree with anthony.
but whatevs.