Saturday, August 14, 2010

This is a good one. Oh those peanuts.

This guy walks into an empty bar, just him and the bartender, and orders a drink.

The bartender gets one for him, and walks back to wash glasses.

A few minutes later the guy hears a voice, "I really like your haircut". The guy looks around, but doesn't see anyone.

A few minutes after that he hears "That's a great tie you're wearing. You'll go places looking like that".

He spins around 360 degree, and it is just him and the bartender in the place.

So, he yells at the bartender "Did you say anything to me?", the bartender says "No. Why?"

The guy says "Well, first I heard somebody say they liked my hair, and then they said they liked my tie" and then the bartender says "Oh, that's the peanuts in the bowl next to you".

The guy says,"The peanuts in the bowl said it?" and the bartender says "Yeah, they're complimentary"

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