Monday, April 19, 2010

This is how I start the day...

-Pour out my Chardonnay.
-Put on my penny loafers, I call em Hardaways,
-I grab the paper and not to check on the market place. I mean the papers to spark an 8th from my garden space.
-I plant the harvest like Im celebrating arbor day.
-put on that Dr. Dre, Marvin Gaye, or that Carter tape.
-go off the top, like a barber fade, no one hard as me, youve seen my jam sessions, I dont mean marmalade.
-so keep that in the jar, still starving, living large, wity bars, really sharp, comin at you, ninja stars.
-Im givin seminars, lessons in spittin hard, certified hustler, go ahead and take a business card.
-Ill make your building shake.
-check on your real estate.
-break apart interstates like a set of dinner plates
-bigger then the chick who figure skated in the Winter Games.
-kick yall mothafuckers then ask me if it was real or fake.


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