Sunday, January 24, 2010

Real Talk.

Seriously. Francis needs to go. I know alot of people had it up to here with him, but he just proved himself tonight. There are a FEW select people who could put up with his bullshit. But it sucks for him that he lost one of his brother's trust aka Me.

I seriously have had it. I tried so hard to tell people "Oh, pick up your phone. Just answer it and let him come through. He's changed. He's not an asshole anymore." But this fucker pushed it too the limit. Even after we exchanged words and had people seperate us from fighting, I was the one who said "Ok, I'll talk to him wihtought wanting to fight. I'll man up." But this stupid ass wanted to keep it going. It really shows who's the grown up in this situation.

It goes to show you that there are some stupid fucks in this world who don't know how to swallow their pride and take what's coming to them. Seriously, how can you have SO MUCH PRIDE and keep shit going when you know you lost? For real.

Let me finish this off by saying FUCK YOU! You can talk all the shit you want on me, but let me be the one to tell you that you're stupid. Who the fuck will believe your lies when all you tell is lies. You aint cool. Be fuckin real nigga. Stop simmpin and fuckin man up. Don't tell me to "get my life together." I know I'm in a rutt, but don't tell me to fuckin do shit when you don't even know the simple basis of my situation. You can do what you want, but all I know is that you're done, son. You can think people like you and got your back, but they don't. Why? Because you're a fuckin clown. That's why. You hate and talk shit on others just as a defense mechanism to hide your own shame. That's pussy shit. At least I know how to take my losses, learn, and move on from them. But NO. You have to keep on being an asshole. You never learn. I hope you do someday.

Anyway (because I know this ass is going to be around 'even though he's not invited'), I'm going to be MIA for a while. I'll be in touch with some of the FnF. If you really wanna hear from me, I know you'll find me. Till then...


-PS: Fuck yo couch. Have fun living alone. Bitch.

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