Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm not hungry anymore...

It's hard. But it's for the best. It seems like alot of us are feeling down this week. I'm guessing the thunderstorm and rain are a symbol of our feelings; enraged, gloomy, and wet. I'm not hungry. I can't sleep. What's a man to do?

It's official. I never thought I can get depressed. Lucky I'm not doing drugs anymore. I easily could have turned to Thizz for my problems. But I'm not anemic, nor am I strong.

It was my fault anyway. But I'm not going to repeat the same cycle I always go through when it comes to times like this. I need to make a change and stop doing the bad shit I always do. I need to be productive. And to stop being a little bitch about it and man up. It was my problem; I need to solve it or figure a way out.

Here's a song that'll describe how I feel.


michaelibabao said...

im not hungry anymore, either.

come eat, there is still more food.

CJisdacoolest said...

anemic? doesn't that mean you dont have a lot of oxygen in your blood?

anyways... its good to be good. here's a good quote i heard today "one good change can lead to another" -nutrigrain commercial