Monday, March 16, 2009

Oh, it's on!

So Bihn Tran takes this dancing stuff WAY too serious. He called me out, right? And I just egged him on with my shit talking (because it was funny to see him get mad). And this is what he left me on myspace

"Fuck you nigga. You talk to much shit bitch.fucken tired of you and your bitchass homies. You can't dance all you know is bboying so stfu. I aint scared to battle your weakass. Ill take you out nigga. And mockey fuck up your boy up to. And your boys wanna talk shit tell them niggas to say it my face or don't talk quit actin like bitches and do something you bitchass niggas.
Come to my school and battle me then bitch"

Why so serious? LoL I'd fuck this kid up if he called me a bitch in my face. Lucky he's only like 12. So it's on. I'm not going to fight him tho. Just embarrass him on the dance floor. He's gonna walk away if I bboy. What a bitch. 'Ok fine I wont bboy.'....NOT!

A battle is a battle homie. And if you can't hang, get the fuck out!

I'm taking a shit while writing this. lol

So we're gonna set it up. The kid wants to battle at River Park because he knows we're going to get kicked out. Gimme some ideas where to have the battle. I'm saying Lollicup. Imma bring the cardboard.

Thats all for now. I have to wipe. later.


richardope said...

dude fuck that nigga up and then lets steal his wallet after and go to LC!

anthony lo said...

LOL. i cant wait to see this lil bitchass's face when he gets washed up. i can call him a bitch cuz he called me one. lil bitch!!!

Jillie! said...

hahah don't trip about him and his little friends steven.
and if he told you to met him up at his school DON'T
he's gunna try to make you look like a fool khus his little fans would boo you.
all they do is steal moves from soreal and shit.
and if him and hes little crew "LOVED" dancing why do they ALWAYS ALWAYS take their dance battles to the asss dancing is about having fun righ?

ps. oh and hello just felt like lurkin. ;)
-jilliane. ha!

Enzok said...
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Enzok said...